Health & Safety

Approach to Health & Safety

Since our establishment in 2002 we have maintained a proactive and diligent mindset in our approach to Health and Safety. We recognise that safety on site is the most important aspect of each project and therefore we implement stringent procedures to ensure that the safety of our employees and others on site is paramount.


Our dedicated Health and Safety Personel is responsible for the communication and control of all safety procedures. Our Safety personel is active in liaising with all project teams on a weekly basis to discuss and enforce on site safety. Our Safety Personel also carrys out regular Site Specific Risk Assessments to ensure that safety procedures change to reflect changing site conditions.

    Our Health & Safety Personel is aided by Line Management whose responsibility is to:

  • Promote Zero Tolerance towards safety breaches
  • Conduct weekly Toolbox Talks
  • Issue Safety Violation Tickets
  • Oversee Lock-out/Tag-out procedures
  • Maintain and issue PPE to all site staff
  • Report directly to Health and Safety Manager
  • Ensure site staff have required safety training
  • Ensure compliance with Main Contractor's Safety procedures
  • Report all Health and Safety procedure breache