About Us


Powerfield Consulting Limited is an Independent Company of Consulting Engineers. The company presently provides a complete management, planning, design and supervisory service for industrial and building services engineering necessary for major construction and core engineering projects.

The last few years have seen a progressive increase in the size and complexity of commercial and industrial developments.

The technical complexity now necessary for cost effective design and installation processes has led to increasing diversification and specialization. A high level of expertise and experience are required in the design and specification of engineering systems.

The experience gained by the lead consultant of the company on many large multi storey office buildings, banks and residential buildings that are now landmarks in the metropolitan Lagos is immediately applicable to new projects undertaken by the company.

We herewith present Powerfield Consulting Limited it’s perceived mission, the personalities who own, and those who manage the affairs of the company. We acquaint you with our scope of activities and our major clientele. We next provide highlights of our project experiences in the last few years.