PCL News

Despite the prevailing human capital challenges in Nigeria especially in an expanding economy and a diversifying sector like the building industry which created movement of leavers and joiners in 2012. Owing to PCL’s succession plan and human capital development strategy, a more serious and committed workforce was retained while adaptable and dynamic human resources are been prepared for the future.

Our conspicuous commitment to quality service delivery and dynamic approach to an evolving sector has accorded us the humble respect bestowed on us as evidenced by various invitations from prospective clients and colleagues to bid for projects and most especially the numbers of engagements in big projects during the year. In 2012, we were engaged on several major projects that were bided for alongside the major leading firms in the industry.

We achieved the mile stone of becoming a favored consultant to clients like CBN, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, FMA ARCHITECS, MTN, NLNG, and RCCG with estimated project cost spanning between 500 million and 10 billion.

We are embarking on a strategic company positioning agenda in 2013 with the aim of achieving this through quality human capital development and to support this agenda is our training schedule for the year 2013. We are equally partnering with international Architects and projects as a way of showcasing our limitless capabilities and our non restriction to local markets or clients.

We are determined to be focused on engagement that is driven by quality, productivity and profitability as against volume. Equally of great importance to us is the need to be relevant in the area of our CSR.